Real quick

Hi again - I’m posting a quick second update because I wrote the first one two days ago and am just posting it now. We are in Montana now, heading up to Glacier shortly.

Stephen broke his glasses a couple days ago, which takes him out of driving commission (turnabout is fair play I suppose). Yesterday we found a Walmart in Oregon that would give Stephen a same-day eye exam so he could get an updated prescription, and today we found a glasses place in Missoula Montana that provides same-day glasses. I don’t know what we would’ve done in the pre-internet days, but I know it would’ve been way more of a pain in the ass! As it is it’s only created a slight delay for us, which is awesome.

We’re stopped in a cafe while we wait for the glasses, which is finally allowing me to finish the update from two days ago. Go figure, camping and blogging don’t always mesh together perfectly.

Yesterday evening, we saw two girls (late teens maybe?) climbing down a steep canyon at a rest stop in Oregon. It really looked like they were gonna die - they made it halfway down the cliffs and gave up, and made it back to the top safely. We got some good pictures… which is the perfect teaser for a photo-centric blog post that I promise to post in the coming days. Thursday we leave Glacier and head to Orcas Island for a month. Updates on this blog should be much easier once we’re stationary. Probably.

For now, here’s a pic of Stephen, in his element.